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Robotics-Till now....

Updated: Feb 22, 2020


Humans has been trying to automate their things since primitive days .After a decades of development , we are trying build intelligent machines which think and act like us. Robotics is a Branch of Mechatronics which gives knowledge on this area. Deep learning and Machine learning are souls that drives these technologies and has been a buzz word of this decade .From camera detecting age of people to Sophia(humanoid robot) taking citizenship in Dubai, It is becoming slowly part of our life. Becoming Data scientist takes a lot of practice and time in solving and validating solutions to real world problem. This article gives a brief idea about where to start and how to act, if you want to pursue a career in robotics or Artificial intelligence. It includes history of research done in Robotics , present work going on robotics and applications.


Mobile, walking and autonomous robots.

Time line explaining work on Robotics and Artificial intelligence

Electro at world fair..(1939)-Laws of robotics(Asimov’s law)(1941)-Logical calculus of ideas eminent in neural activity(1943)-Cybernetics(1948)-Turing mathematical models (1949)-Turing test(1956)-LISP(least processing)(John McCarthy)(1958)-Automatically programmed tools(1959)-……………

IBM Watson defeats Jeopardy contestants(2010),Siri is announced(2011)-Gates Joining Hawking and Musk in Fear of AI(2015)-Alexa and Google assistant Coming integrated with almost everything we use…

Presenting with Artificial intelligence

Self driving cars ,Sophia, Boston soldier programme, Sony pet dogs, Exoskeletons enabling handicapped people,Extra senses enabling deaf and blind listen and see.


Automotive,Space,Disaster management,Security,Automobiles,Laboratories,Military

Robotics societies and big players across nation and world

MIT robotics ,Festo robotics, Kuka

Where to start from scratch and how to start

Join robotics club online/offline ,Bolt IoT automation, ……Join online forums ,facebook and subscribe to youtube channel……Gain prerequisite knowledge in electronics like relays by attending regular workshops and event as much you can and………Participate in robotics events in IIT’s and other colleges……………….Place(BBSR)-CV Raman,ski-fi robotics (Regular workshops)……..DIY(Do it Yourself) kit –amazon…………..Try to fetch some support and recognition by posting in facebook and youtube…….……Go for a internship/Training in Machine learning or Artificial intelligence through

Sources of ROBOTICS,,

By-Manas Ranjan Mohanty


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